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Who's reading?

In January of 2011, more than 36,000 people visited the site, viewing more than 50,000 pages1.

Add more than 6,000 subscribers across Google Reader, Twitter and Tumblr and you get... well, not a huge number of people.

But they are hungry for new software and hardware—especially on the Mac and iOS—and they love telling their friends about their latest find.

Don't take my word for it, though. Here's what happened when I posted about DoublePane, a great Mac app that helps users manage their windows.

  1. DoublePane became the #1 Utility and the #24 Paid App overall in the US App Store, and the #2 Utility and #29 Paid App overall in the UK.
  2. Sales jumped 380%.
  3. Twitter mentions of the term DoublePane more than quadrupled.

And here's a graph showing DoublePane's sales, before and after the post:

A graph showing sales of DoublePane rising after a review on One Thing Well.
A graph showing sales of DoublePane rising after a review on One Thing Well. Click to enlarge.

What exactly do I get for sponsoring the site?

You'll get one prominent, lengthy post reviewing your product or service on Monday, plus a shorter follow-up post on Sunday. I'll write the copy, and take any screenshots.

If you'd like to try something different—a more long-term sponsorship, say—send me an email and we'll work something out.

A note to readers

I'm not a total sellout. I'll only accept sponsorship from nice companies who make cool stuff. Sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such. At the end of the year I'll donate 10% of the income earned through sponsorship to open source projects.

  1. According to Google Analytics. This is the last full month I have figures for, and I've rounded down to the nearest 10,000.