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Medical Interruption

Following on from last week’s lightning-based electrical inconveniences, my holiday has taken a rather peculiar turn: I’m writing this from a hospital bed.

I’m firmly on the mend now, and hope to be discharged this week, but One Thing Well will be on hiatus for a fortnight—at least—while I recuperate.

Sorry about that, and I hope your Summer holidays are less eventful than mine!

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Update: Thanks, everyone, for all the lovely ‘get well soon’ messages!

Electrical Interruption

I’m on holiday in France at the moment, and the house I’m staying in has no internet, barely a bar of Edge or GPRS signal, and - thanks to a rather spectacular storm last night - no electricity.

As you might imagine, all this makes weblogging a tricky proposition, so I won’t be updating the site much during the coming week.

Sorry about that. Normal service will resume whenever the electricity company folk turn up to reattach the power line that’s currently flopping about, somewhat terrifyingly, on the roof of an outbuilding.